Chrisil - Our Story

As avid travelers, we have become all too familiar with some of the problems associated with securely packing valuable belongings. One of the biggest issues we have personally encountered, and talked to many other travelers about, is how how to safely organize and store jewelry. As a result, the team at Chrisil set out to develop a better way to travel in style; the Chrisil Jewelry Travel Organizer. We believe this unique, inexpensive, and stylish organizer is guaranteed to keep your precious items safe and secure while you travel the world. 

Chrisil Jewelry Travel Organizer is designed for people who live for adventure. People who are not satisfied with everyday routines; instead people who love to explore, and explore in style. Chrisil is not only selling Jewelry Travel Organizers but we want to connect with people who travel around the world with our jewelry . organizer and to share their stories as well. 

Chrisil Jewelry Travel Organizers are sold in South Korea, South Africa, Canada, and the US. This exclusive design is patented and the signature art for Renee collection is copyrighted.